The Speedwell Foundation AFS Study Abroad Scholarship Program is Not Active


Alison Savage at the 2014 Picnic

Alison Savage was awarded the first Speedwell AFS Study Abroad Scholarship and visited Iceland in 2007. She spoke at the Speedwell AFS Scholarship Picnic on August 4, 2014, thanking Jenny Messner for all the scholarships and addressing students about to start their year abroad.

Jenny Messner Remarks

Jenny Messner shares about starting the Speedwell AFS Scholarships in the face of 9-11 and how valuable the experience has proven for students.

Emily Sausman Interview

Emily Sausman visited Germany in 2013-2014. In addition to language, she talks about her interest in different cultures and becoming more culturally aware.

Mandy Hart Interview

Mandy Hart, who visited Argentina in 2013, talks about how her trip changed her, gives advice for students going abroad and shares her love for the generosity and patriotism of the Argentinian people.

Cam Hartman Interview

Cam Hartman, who will visit Denmark in 2014-2015, talks about how having friends from Scandinavia influenced him to try study abroad himself, how he is looking forward to continuing to study abroad in college and encourages other students to plan ahead to study abroad.

Owen Skonecki Interview

Owen Skonecki visited Uruguay in 2013-2014 and talks about the importance of language preparation, his appreciation for AFS volunteers and related a funny story on mixing up words in a conversation.